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Why this film

We have a Medicare system in our country that purports to be universal, yet it excludes from coverage the only effective science-based treatment for children with autism. This is simply wrong.

Madame Justice Saunders of the BC Court of Appeal in ruling on the Auton case, had it exactly correct in stating,

The failure of the health care administrators (to provide funding for autism treatment) is a statement that their (the infant complainants before the court) mental disability is less worthy of assistance than are the transitory medical problems of others.  It is to say the community is less interested in their plight than the plight of other children needing medical care and adults needing mental health therapy.  This is a socially constructed handicap.

This film chronicles the on-going struggle…15 years to date….to end health-care discrimination and obtain justice for these children – some of Canada’s most vulnerable citizens – and their families.

Will this be the generation to end health-care discrimination in Canada?

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