The Ridings (2008)

Name Party Riding Position
Catherine Bell NDP Vancouver Island North, BC Yes. “I, along with all of my New Democrat colleagues, will continue to press for this.”
Jason Draper Independent Vancouver Island North, BC “My stated position is yes, and is still yes, but some clarification is needed for you to see I am committed to seeing this done right.”
Philip Stone Green Vancouver Island North, BC “Yes, I will support legislation that amends the Canada Health Act to include autism under MediCare.”
Geoff Fleischer Liberal Vancouver Island North, BC Don’t care
John Duncan Conservative Vancouver Island North, BC Don’t care
Ian Sutherland Liberal West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea-to-Sky Country, BC “YES, I am publicly commiting to support ammending the Canada Health Act to include Autism treatment in Medicare.”
John Weston Conservative West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea-to-Sky Country, BC No
Bill Forst NDP

West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea-to-Sky Country, BC “Yes.”
Blair Wilson Green West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea-to-Sky Country, BC “Yes, I fully support Autism treatment being included in Medicare, my answer is YES to your question.”
Deborah Meredith

Conservative Vancouver Quadra, BC No. “I am awfully busy right now trying to win this election as I’m sure you can understand.”Read more about Deborah’s answer on Harold Doherty’s blog.
Dan Grice Green Vancouver Quadra, BC “Yes. I will vote for the provision of Medicare coverage for science based treatment of autism.”
Joyce Murray Liberal Vancouver Quadra, BC No
David Caplan NDP Vancouver Quadra, BC “Yes”
Sukh Dhaliwal Liberal Newton North Delta, BC

Teresa Townsley NDP Newton North Delta, BC Yes. “As a former nurse and current school trustee, I wholeheartedly support amending the Canada Health Act by placing scientifically proven treatment for ASD under medicare.”
Sandeep Pandher Conservative Newton North Delta, BC Don’t care
Liz Walker Green Newton North Delta, BC “The only response can be yes. Medicare already covers other therapies and I think that Canadians want to support a public health care system that gives equal access to all”.
Nao Fernando NDP Fleetwood Port Kells, BC Yes. “I am pleased to indicate my complete support for the inclusion of treatment for autism in Canada’s national public health care system.”
Brenda Locke Liberal Fleetwood Port Kells, BC

“Yes, if elected to the House of Commons on October 14 would support legislation that will amend the Canada Health Act to include autism treatment under Medicare.”
Brian Newbold Green Fleetwood Port Kells, BC “Yes”
Nina Grewal Conservative Fleetwood Port Kells, BC Don’t care
Amy Collard Green

Halton, Ont Yes.”As your MP, I would strongly advocate for changes to the Canada Health Act to include not only autism treatment, but also to include diagnosis and prevention.
Lisa Raitt Conservative Halton, Ont Yes
Garth Turner Liberal Halton, Ont “Yes, I will. And I have made this clear in the past.”
Rob Wagner NDP Halton, Ont “Yes”
Bonnie Brown Liberal Oakville, Ont No. ” Accordingly, regarding the CHA amendment you favour, I would have to respectfully disagree.”
Michelle Bilek NDP Oakville, Ont “Yes.”
Paul Szabo

Liberal Mississauga South, Ont Yes. “I voted for it in the last Parliament and I will do it again.”
Matt Turner NDP Mississauga South, Ont Yes
Richard Laushway Green Mississauga South, Ont Yes
Hugh Arrison Conservative Mississauga South, Ont Don’t care
Marnie Mellish Green Burlington, Ont

“Yes, I will. I have my Masters degree in Special Education and have taught special education classes in my youth. I fought long and hard for my students and got into trouble for helping parents organize to bring their concerns to the principal and the school board.”
David Laird NDP

Burlington, Ont “Yes, organic brain disorders and developmental disorders are of increasing concern to many Canadians at a time when provincial governments are reducing supports in this vital area. I support increasing the scope of the Canada health act to include supporting individuals requiring specialized supports to achieve their maximum potential.”
Mike Wallace

Conservative Burlington, Ont No
Paddy Torsney Liberal Burlington, Ont No
Tony Clement Conservative Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont No. “To answer directly, I cannot in good conscience support the addition of one

specific condition to the CHA.”

Jamie McGarvey Liberal Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont “Yes I most certainly would. I am a huge supporter of early childhood education and I also recognize that education is an important part of the process with Autism Treatment. I believe putting the money up front in the early stages for treatment reduces costs later on.”
Jo-Anne Boulding NDP Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont “Yes, I am personally in favour.”
Glen Hodgson Green Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont No
Erich Jacoby-Hawkins Green Barrie, Ont “Yes. My brother-in-law is profoundly autistic, my aunt earned her Ph.D. in Autism Spectrum Disorder and is a professor teaching about it at the University of Windsor, so I am very aware of the pressing need and very supportive of your cause.”
Rick Jones Liberal Barrie, Ont Yes. “I would be in support for legislation to include autism treatment under medicare. Autism is so prevalent and it consumes the lives of people with autism and their family. It is very important for our government to recognize this very rampant disorder in our medicare system.”
Patrick Brown Conservative Barrie, Ont Don’t care
Steve Clarke Liberal Simcoe North, Ont Yes. “I have friends with autistic children and therefore I understand the emotional, physical and financial resources needed to properly care for children with Autism.”

Valerie Powell Green Simcoe North, Ont No
Bruce Stanton Conservative Simcoe North, Ont No
Richard Banigan NDP Simcoe North, Ont Don’t care
Alice Finnamore NDP Tobique Mactaquac, NB My answer to your question is an unqualified YES. I believe in science-based treatment of autism, and if elected will do everything I can to bring in coverage for ABA and IBI.
Mark Glass Green Tobique Mactaquac, NB Don’t care
Sally McGrath Liberal Tobique Mactaquac, NB Don’t care
Mike Allen Conservative Tobique Mactaquac, NB No
George Barron NDP West Nova, NS “In answer to your question; absolutely.”
Robert Thibault Liberal West Nova, NS “Yes”
Ronald Mills Green West Nova, NS Don’t care
Greg J. Kerr Conservative West Nova, NS Don’t care


The ridings and the representatives:

Conservative Liberal NDP Green
BC Vancouver Island North John Duncan Geoff Fleischer Catherine Bell Philip Stone
West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea-to-Sky Country John Weston

Ian Sutherland Bill Forst Blair Wilson
Fleetwood Port Kells Nina Grewal Brenda Locke

Nao Fernando Brian Newbold
Newton North Delta Sandeep Pandher Sukh Dhaliwal Teresa Townsley

Liz Walker
Vancouver Quadra Deborah Meredith Joyce Murray David Caplan Dan Grice
Ont Halton Lisa Raitt Garth Turner Rob Wagner Amy Collard
Mississauga South Hugh Arrison Paul Szabo Matt Turner Richard Laushway
Oakville Terence Young Bonnie Brown Michelle Bilek Blake Poland
Burlington Mike Wallace Paddy Torsney David Laird Marnie Mellish
Simcoe North Bruce Stanton Steve Clarke Richard Banigan Valerie Powell
Barrie Patrick Brown Rick Jones Myrna Clark Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

Parry Sound-Muskoka Tony Clement Jamie McGarvey Jo-Anne Boulding Glen Hodgson
NB Tobique Mactaquac Mike Allen Sally McGrath

Alice Finnamore Mark Glass

West Nova Greg J. Kerr Robert Thibault George Barron

Ronald Mills