Agenda For Action!

In almost 15 years of pursuing autism treatment coverage, our experience makes clear that only two techniques are effective: litigation  and clear, focused and persistent political advocacy.

Our conclusion was echoed by long-time former PEI Deputy Minister of Social Services, Joe Greene, who said,

“Within the political spectrum of this province and country, there is no natural band containing children.  They can only get onto the political agenda by exception, and only through sustained action by parents who have the energy and skill to keep attention focused on children with special needs”.


What should you ask your MP to do?

“As a member of parliament, will you introduce or support legislation amending the Canada Health Act to include science-based autism treatment (ABA/IBI) under Medicare”?

What should you ask your MLA or MPP to do?

“Would you support changing the definition of “insured services” under the provincial health care plan to include  science-based autism treatment – ABA/IBI?”

When should you ask?


How can you do it?

Get Organized!

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Will this be the generation that ends healthcare discrimination in Canada?