Medicare's Orphans Watch Care Act

Medicare’s Orphans – A film about the fight to get healthcare for children with autism in Canada.

Winner of the 2013 Award of Excellence at the Canada International Film Festival.

“Political activity is demonstrably effective….People who say otherwise ignore the history of our country…” Rev. Dr. Reg Stackhouse
“For those parents who say they are too broke and too tired…you need to take your heart in your teeth and go on…and go on….” Stefan Marinoiu.



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Medicare is not available for autism treatment anywhere in Canada despite a government run health plan that is supposedly universal.  Canadian governments at both the federal and provincial level are ignoring this national health epidemic by refusing to cover the only uniquely effective autism treatment – applied behaviour analysis (ABA) under our universal health care system.  Our Medicare system was created to cover the core health needs of ALL Canadians, yet children with a mental or neurological disability, such as autism, are excluded from health insurance coverage.  This discrimination must end.


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