Ep 3 – Dr. Melvin DeLevie

EPISODE 4 – Dr. Melvin DeLevie

Dr. Melvin DeLevie, long-time Vancouver paediatrician with extensive experience dealing with children with autism. This 20 minute interview is a powerful indictment of Canada’s archaic approach to the treatment of autism which is in stark contrast to the treatment of children with any other disease or disorder. He gives examples of why social services personnel are ill-equipped to deal with what is in-fact a medical condition. He eloquently expresses frustration with the “people in charge” who are both “blind and deaf” toward what he terms the “lost children”.

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  1. Dave Harding says:


    • Bhavana says:

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  2. Beverley Sharpe says:

    Telling it like it is. Dr. DeLevie’s experience, honesty and integrity in outlining the negligence of this province in providing ABA treatment for children with Autism should be shaking us all to stand up and act. We need Medicare for Autism Now!
    Thank you Dr. DeLevie.