Ep 10 – David Marley

EPISODE 10 – David Marley

David Marley, former trial lawyer, long-time political activist and co-founder of Medicare for Autism Now and Civil Rights Now discusses why it is crucial for Canadians to become politically engaged in this issue or any other that is of significant concern to them or their family.

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  1. kelly lavoie says:

    Family supports for children with disabilities has funded all therapists and programming for my son…..hasn’t cost me a penny so far

  2. Rungtiwa says:

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  3. Samu says:

    Cameron,I am so super excited that you have sttared this blog! I will really enjoying reading your mommy experience. As for this post, I think fears are totally normal and I had them at the begining and then they really went away until the end. Welcome to mommyhood- a lifelong worry journey! As far as other people’s comments/suggestions, take them or leave them you and lewis are the mommy and daddy! And you get to make the ultimate decision for your child.As for cloth diapering- we plan to do this next time. I didn’t start reading a lot about it until these last 6 months so it was late in the game to invest in something new. I know several friends who have done it and loved to save money, have your baby’s bum comfy, and protect our beautiful Earth. Read http://www.mycharmingkids.net (I think- it is linked on my blog) for a very green- mommy! You will enjoy 🙂