Ep 1 – Jean Lewis (Part 1)

EPISODE 1 – Jean Lewis – (part one)

Who is worthy of receiving healthcare in Canada? Why are kids with autism excluded? Why should Canadians not affected by autism care about this issue? What can be done to end this discrimination? Jean Lewis, co-founder of Medicare for Autism Now and co-producer of Medicare’s Orphans discusses these questions and much more in this 40 minute in-depth interview.

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  1. Harold L Doherty says:

    Jean Lewis, Canada’s foremost autism advocate, provides firsthand history of Canadian autism advocacy from an experienced, personal perspective.

    I strongly encourage anyone with an autistic child or interest in autism services in Canada to watch this video by Jean Lewis who has lived and led much of the autism advocacy in Canada over the last decade.

    Jean is extremely well informed, articulate and authentic. She has lived the reality of severe autism and related disorders with her child and she, and her husband Michael, have fought with intelligence and determination to bring services to autistic children and adults in BC and across Canada.

    • Mcjhun says:

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