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Postings on this board must be restricted to candidates’ responses to the following question:

“If elected to parliament, will you publicly commit to support legislation which will amend the Canada Health Act to include autism treatment (ABA/IBI) under Medicare”

How did your candidates respond?

  1. Paul Caune says:

    Vancouver-Kingsway, BC, 2011

    Don Davies, NDP, incumbent: YES (said to me in a face-to-face conversation on April 29, 2011 at Joyce Street Sky-train station)

    Trang Nguyen: No response as of today to April 10, 2011 email asking the question.

    Wendy Yuen: email dated April 11, 2011:

    Dear Paul:

    The issue you raise is one that should and must be acted upon. I am supportive and would want to review the legislation very carefully to ensure it meets the needs that you and others would advocate.

    As you may well know, it was a Liberal MP, Shawn Murphy, from Charlottetown who introduced a motion back in 2008 which would have amended the Canada Health Act to ensure funding for ABA treatment for autism. The motion was defeated by an alliance between the Harper Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois.

    As you can see, it will important to have a strong Liberal government to get serious issues like this one you advocate for acted upon.

    Wendy Yuan, Liberal Candidate

    Vancouver Kingsway

    • Tom says:

      Hi Gillian, Lovely site still having a look at it. Maybe we shluod just change the wording of the opening paragraph a little: Hallo! Autism Eastern Cape has a new website that will make it easier for it to keep in touch with everyone looking for information and support in this region. to: Hi there! This is our new website that will make it easier for us to keep in touch with everyone looking for information and support in this region. It might just feel a bit more personal? Cheers,Nico

  2. Shirley Hewko says:

    Shirley, thank you for your email. At this time, I am unable to make the commitment that you seek.

    I want to assure you that I very much care for those who suffer from autism and for those who care for them. Indeed, my colleague Mike Lake, the MP for Millwoods Beaumont in Edmonton, who has a child with autism, has done significant work in raising awareness of autism on Parliament Hill and throughout Canada. That said, any discussion regarding opening up the Canada Health Act would have to involve the provinces and would have to take into account the needs of other diseases such as MS, Parkinsons, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, diabetes, the rare diseases, and many other health challenges that are demanding more federal and provincial funding. I am hopeful that, working together with the provinces and people like yourself, we will someday be able to find a cure for autism.

    Thanks again for sharing your request with me. Much appreciated!

    Ed Fast

    Federal Conservative Candidate (Abbotsford)

  3. Dione Costanzo says:

    Russ Hiebert
    Current MP and Conservative Candidate for South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale

    “Amending the Canada Health Act is not an option.”

    You can contact his office at 604.542.5157

  4. Elaine Willis says:

    Asked at Riverside Secondary All Candidates Meeting today in School Gym for RIDING:
    Port Moody–Westwood–Port Coquitlam

    Incumbent JAMES MOORE was present. He has missed one meeting and was scorned in the local newspaper for his absence when caught tweeting about the hockey game.
    * Kevin Kim Green Party of Canada – absent
    * Mark Ireland New Democratic Party- answer YES
    * Stewart McGillivray Liberal Party of Canada -answer YES
    * James Moore Conservative Party of Canada – answer NO – autism is not a disability and The Canada Health Act is not for Special interest Groups.
    * Paul Geddes Libertarian – definitely not – medicare should be privatized – the night before his reply to creating laws to Civil Rights for disabled people received the answer that minorities can’t expect handouts.

  5. Elaine Raynault says:

    Liberal candidate in South/White Rock/Cloverdale riding, Hardy Staub said:

    I would like to assure you that if elected to Parliament I will publicly commit to support legislation which will amend the Canada Health Act to include autism treatment under Medicare.

    I am not the only Liberal candidate to make this pledge. Judy Higginbotham who ran during the last election also promised to support families in our riding who have autistic children.

    We believe that with the proper education and supports, autistic children can be helped.

    Hardy Staub

  6. Vali Ashoori says:

    I thing we are one we have to help them for ourselves.
    Time is limited ,helping these children brings
    hapiness to our country and others not doing anything
    means we are not human and nature dos’nt
    like tha,t look what hapend in germany in 2’ed war world
    they put these children to sleep for good. So act now
    not tomarow. You will see the diffrent in your life .

  7. Harold L Doherty says:

    A. I tweeted the following question to the 4 Election 2011 party candidates in the Fredericton NB riding:

    “Will U support inclusion of #autism treatment in #medicare?”

    B. The tweeted responses:

    NDP – Jesse Travis: I will support the inclusion of treatment in Medicare, it’s the right thing to do

    Green – Louise Comeau: platform not specific but believe we would support.

    Liberal – Randy McKeen: While healthcare is a provincial responsibility, the federal govt has a vital role to play on #autism. we bring prov together, set goals & find innovative ways 2 deliver services. #Autism should b part of that. Committed to continuing to increase healthcare transfer funding to provinces by 6% after 2014 And we’ll implement an early child learn strategy that will put specialized care towards children w #autism

    Conservative – Keith Ashfield:Respecting fed/prov Healthcare jurisdictions, we hve ^ Transfers to the provinces by 30% + committed to ^s at same rate 1/3

    we invested $26M in autism knowledge research + Public Health Agency is working w Provs to identify needs. 2/3

    my #cpc colleague, who’s son has autism, helps bring the needs of families with autistic children to the forefront 3/3

  8. Dione Costanzo says:

    Note this is from the last federal election in 2008:

    Candidate Response to Medicare For Autism Now Society
    by Dione Costanzo on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 3:26pm
    Monday, September 15, 2008
    Deborah Meredith, Conservative Candidate Vancouver Quadra, Has No Time For Autism

    Deborah Meredith, Conservative Candidate, Vancouver Quadra has no time to discuss issues affecting autistic children and adults. She is too busy trying to get elected to waste her time talking to an autism advocacy group in BC until AFTER the election as shown in this response to a group who had sought an interview with Ms Meredith:

    “If elected I would be happy to meet with you to talk about autism and the Canada Health Act. I am awfully busy right now trying to win this election as I’m sure you can understand.”

    Elections are generally the period when citizens seek answers from the candidates before deciding who to vote for. Ms Meredith’s refusal to meet with her own constituents to discuss this important issue shows exactly where her priorities lie.


    If elected to parliament, will you publicly commit to support legislation which will amend the Canada Health Act to include autism treatment (ABA/IBI) under Medicare?

  10. Louise Witt says:

    In the 2008 election, I participated in the MFAN initiative and met Brian Marlatt, candidate for the Progressive Canadian Party. In the following letter I wrote to the Vancouver Sun, 14 October 2008, you can see how each of the candidates in my riding responded to our question:

    As part of its party policy, the Progressive Canadian Party has since adopted the call for the amendment of the CHA to include funding for autism. Moreover, Brian’s continued commitment to assist with our cause in the past 2 1/2 years is the reason I decided to become his official agent during the current election.

  11. Harold Doherty says:

    In 2008, this is what happened in the riding of Tobique Mactaquac, New Brunswick:

    Mike Allen, Conservative: NO
    Sally McGrath, Liberal: Don’t care
    Mark Glass, Green: Don’t care
    Alice Finnamore, NDP: “My answer to your question is an unqualifed YES. I believe in science-based treatment of autism, and if elected will do everything I can to bring in coverage for ABA and IBI”

  12. Bev Sharpe says:

    In the 2008 federal election campaign, I asked each of the candidates in my riding of West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast the following question, “If you are elected to parliament will you commit to publicy supporting legislation which will amend the Canada Health Act to include autism treatment?” These were the responses: Bill Forst, NDP: YES
    Blair Wilson, Green: “Yes, I fully support autism treatment being included in Medicare, my answer is YES to your question.” John Weston, Conservative: NO, Ian Sutherland, Liberal: “YES, I am publicly commiting to support amending the Canada Health Act to include autism under Medicare”

  13. Barry Hudson says:

    In 2008, candidate responses from Barrie, Ontario were:

    Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Green: “YES. My brother-in-law is profoundly autistic, my aunt earned her Ph.D in autism spectrum disorder and is a professor teaching about it at the University of Windsor. So, I am very aware of the pressing need and very supportive of your cause.”
    Patrick Brown, Conservative: Don’t care
    Rick Jones, Liberal: “YES, I would be in support of legislation to include autism treatment under Medicare. Autism is so prevelent and it consumes the lives of people with autism and their family, it is very important for our government to recognize this rampant disorder in our Medicare system.”

  14. Gordon Shreeve says:

    Interesting BC responses….these are the candidate responses from Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ontario,in 2008:
    Glen Hodgson, Green: NO
    Jo-Anne Boulding, NDP: “YES, I am personally in favour”
    Jamie McGarvey, Liberal: “YES, I most certainly would. I am a huge supporter of early childhood education and I also recognize that education is an important part of the process with autism treatment. I believe putting the money up front in the early stages for treatment reduces costs later on.”
    Tony Clement (former federal Minister of Health): “NO – to answer directly, I cannot in good conscience support the addition of one specific condition to the CHA”

What did they say?