Advocacy since Auton

In November, 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a decision in which it overturned the lower courts decision in Auton and stated that it was not discrimination to fail to provide autism treatment under Medicare because it was not prescribed in any health-related statute.  It also said it was a matter for parliament, not the courts, to determine how health-care dollars are to be spent.  In essence, the Supreme Court of Canada told parents and supporters to get political…

In November, 2005:  FEAT of BC, as part of a national effort, organized a rally outside the Vancouver Public Library to mark the first anniversary of the Supreme Court of Canada`s decision in Auton.

November, 2006:  Jean Lewis, along with two other BC parents, went to Ottawa to speak at a rally on parliament hill marking the second anniversary of the Auton decision.

Jean also appeared as a witness before, and submitted a brief to the Senate which contributed to a Senate report, ‘Pay Now, Pay Later‘.

In May, 2007:  We launched the FEAT of BC goes coastal tour where we travelled to Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax, where we announced plans to initiate the 2% solution nationally in the 2008 federal election campaign.  We held a press conference on parliament hill, met with parent activists in Toronto, and hosted a rally and campaign school in Halifax. (read the press release)

In March, 2008: We hosted a Medicare for Autism Now! rally in Burnaby, BC to discuss the 2% solution and prepare for the 2008 federal election. (watch the media coverage) (watch the speeches)

In April, 2008: We, along with a Toronto parent travelled to Ottawa, where we held another press conference on parliament hill and Jean Lewis appeared on Canada AM. (watch the media coverage) (watch the parliament hill press conference)

We travelled through the Health Minister’s electoral district of Huntsville, Parry Sound, Bracebridge and Gravenhurst.

We completed the tour in Oakville where we hosted a Medicare for Autism Now rally which appeared in an episode of CTV’s W5.

In October, 2008, at the start of the federal election campaign, we hosted a Medicare for Autism Now rally in Surrey, BC. (watch the media coverage) (watch the speeches)

Following the rally, our campaign team returned to Ontario where we   focused our efforts on the  Health Minister’s electoral district . We attended at all-candidates’ meeting in Bracebridge, where we asked the Minister questions and gave media interviews. We also hosted another Medicare for Autism Now rally in Oakville.